Sunday, September 16, 2012

When You Know, You Know!

   Just finished my third night in a row of overnight call for OBgyn, and I'm somehow feeling more refreshed than ever! In the last three nights, I've delivered one baby boy, one baby girl, and a few placentas. One of the new dads had the nurse put a onesie on his newborn that said, "mommy, will you marry daddy?" Another patient came in at term and gave birth within a few hours of arriving, with absolutely no prenatal care and meth positive. I've observed several other births, held a woman's leg while she pushed, and scrubbed in on a salphingostomy for an ectopic pregnancy. I've been working with attendings, residents and nurses who may be tired, but they all love their jobs and are extremely passionate about caring for patients. The residents aren't touchy-feely-bubbly, but they actually acknowledge me, include me and let me do stuff, and teach me when they have time. I've even had two chief residents tell me I'm doing a good job, one of which told me she "has a good feeling about me going into OBgyn." I'm tired, but it's been incredible.
   I don't know how any other specialty is going to live up to this!

   Unfortunately, the one bummer is that I lent my stethoscope to one of the residents, who left it on the table in the work room to give it back to me, and someone took it :(. I mean, I didn't really have a choice - when a resident or attending asks you to borrow your stethoscope, it would be really rude to say no. But it just sucks because it was an expensive one and the resident was super nonchalant about it. I can't really do anything about it because they are evaluating me. Oh well, I have a cheaper back-up one at home. And maybe this is the price I must pay for getting so much action on my call nights.


  1. Yeah, bummer about the 'scope; but like you say, what can you do... Refuse, not hardly, huh? Perhaps a less expensive one stashed about your person in case a 'need' arises and you can pass the cheaper one to Borrowers ?~! I am sure you had a name-tag on it but that's remedied by a quick scissor snip...

    So glad you like OB, the field needs good passionate people in it--like all medical fields, I suppose but OB is close to my heart too.

  2. Aaah, so glad someone else loved OB! Most of my friends look at me funny when I say I loved it. I also delivered a couple of unbooked babies, it's always pretty tough because you have no idea what you're dealing with (for example, one had a fibrotic placenta that caused some trouble).

    As for the steth, that really sucks :( The resident really should buy you a new one, it's really unacceptable that that happened. I definitely would have complained to one of their bosses... but that might well have cost me a good mark, I guess.

  3. That's so great that you've found something you love.

    I haven't started rotations yet, but I imagine I wouldn't let a resident lose my stethoscope without giving them a bad time about it. I don't think anyone is going to count you off that you're upset someone lost your $100+ piece of equipment. I'm sure they can all tell you love OB and are trying to go above and beyond. If anything, at least joke with the resident about it. Say something like "Hey, do you happen to have something expensive I can borrow from you?"

  4. so great to hear how passionate you are about OBgyn! sorry about your least you had a backup though!