Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Time and the Livin's Easy

Yet another lazy day in good ol' Roseville.  Spent the day watching a Monk marathon with Tiana, which is one of my fave shows.  What a life I live! Hahaha.

At the moment, Tiana (my sister) is making me a smoothie.  After all, what are sisters for?!  She is getting her belly button pierced later today.  At least she has a life....

So since I have been such a recluse this week, I decided to get out and at least be a loser with someone else.  I am going to go hang out with Audrey for a bit, and who knows.... maybe we will even go for a bike ride!

I am getting really excited to start school, even if it is going to be hell.  I just want something to do! I am going stir crazy!  I hate having absolutely nothing to do like this, because then I don't feel like doing ANYTHING.  I like it better when I am at least slightly busy, because it forces me to get out and do stuff.  After next week, things should start getting more exciting though.  Next week, Tiana and I are having lunch with Nan, getting some plants for my new garden, and visiting Omar in LA next weekend! I am so excited!  Then, when I get back from LA, I am moving in officially to my new place and getting all situated.  I can't believe my time off is almost over.  I haven't really done much, but at least I can say I am well-rested!  Then, orientation is the last week of July, followed by our White Coat Ceremony (induction into medical school).  I am really excited about that.  And I am glad that Davis decided to go to a more traditional white coat ceremony rather than their usual "stethoscope ceremony".  I wish my mom could go, but she definitely won't be back by then.  (If you want to go, just let me know!)

Well, sorry that this post is so boring... but it is a very accurate reflection of my life at the moment.  That is all.

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