Monday, July 5, 2010

Three More Weeks Left Of My Pre-med Life

A few things have happened since my last post, but I've been a little too busy to post about them so I will just summarize.  J and I had our first night "out on the town" in downtown Sac.  We went to the Park, which (to my understanding) is one of the few hip places to go.  I had already been there during UCD SOM revisit weekend, but this time it was a little more crowded.  All in all, a pretty fun night.  The people in Sac are much more friendly and approachable, but can be on the weird/downright ghetto side... but hey, J and I love meeting characters, so its all good.

The very next day, I woke up and could not stop vomiting, even though I felt fine the night before.  I couldn't even keep water down, and after puking 25 times in about five hours, I decided I should try to see a doctor for some anti-nausea meds or something.  Luckily, Juliette was able to drive me to the ER (because I was too sick to even drive) where they hydrated me with two liters of IV fluid and gave me the wonderful anti-nausea meds.  That definitely did the trick.  My labs all came back normal, so it must have either been food poisoning or just plain too much booze, but either way, it was NOT fun.  That was my first trip to the ER, and it was sort of entertaining since the room across from mine had a prisoner from Folsom Prison in it, but I definitely hope I never have to go back to the ER.  

This past weekend, E drove O (UCLA BF) up to Sac and we spent the weekend together.  It was really fun! He helped me build some of my furniture for my room, so I am about halfway done!  It was really nice to spend time together.  I am flying down to LA to visit him in two weeks, so that should be fun too.  4th of July was super chill.  O and I stopped by a high school friend's Downtown apartment and I got to see all my old high school buddies, which was awesome because its been a long time.  I really like Midtown from what I have seen.  It's just a really laid-back atmosphere and busy, which I like.  

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